Geopolitical Crises in the Islamic World Speech by Dr. Ali Shoaibi Senior Political Analyst from Syria

Geopolitical Crises in the Islamic World Speech by Dr. Ali Shoaibi Senior Political Analyst from Syria


In the name of God. I have handed a copy of my speech to my colleagues, but instead of reading it, I prefer to read a poetic verse which says:

“What is past, is gone; the future is unknown; so should think of today.”

“Forty Years in Wilderness” is the name of a book written by an English Jew named John Philby. He was the advisor of Abdel Aziz ben Saud and also he used to attend meetings with the then US president. In these meetings, he suggested establishing the Israel Regime and also he announced that they would establish Saudi Arabia and that the mission and duty of US was to support the country (Saudi Arabia).

I have lived in Medina for many years. I had meetings with Mahathir Mohammad in Malaysia talking about terrorist movements and Takfiri groups. It should be noted that Saudi Arabia spent 600 million dollars and established a university to confront Islamic Republic of Iran. 

What we observe today in Iraq and Syria, are the conspiracies plotted long before by our enemies and their effort to implement them. Now, we face civil wars in Libya and Somalia. Wahhabism entered Somalia 40 years ago and started its conspiracies. Today bloodshed in Iraq, Syria and Yemen are due to the fatwas’ of Ibn Taymiyyah and Mohammad Ibn Abdul Wahab.

I come from Syria; some of our youth has formed a task force to determine the ways how people can get rid of Daesh’s thoughts. I dare saying that we are in a climax of crises. Wahhabism, for decades, has been conspiring in our region.

We should think of intellectual and economic works and the way of implementing them. For example, it has been years studying on connecting oil pipelines from Iran to Syrian ports through Iraq. Naturally, such projects would not be in the interest of our enemies. The project deserves to reach to fruition. Today our enemies are preparing to start civil wars in Libya and Somalia. Undoubtedly, we would get rid of Daesh’s thought, but must find a way to wipe away their thoughts from minds of our youth.

Thank you for inviting me to the conference and I hope we can take advantage of beneficial and effective recommendations mentioned here.