About us

The Institute for Islamic World Future Studies (IIWFS) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established with the aim of strengthening trends and processes affecting the formation of a preferable future for the Islamic world through increasing integrity and contriving alliance among Islamic countries.


Finding appropriate, objective and efficient solutions to solve some of these problems and drawbacks in the Muslim world have been the main idea and the semantic focus of the Institute’s founders. IIWFS seeks an explanatory-analytical context to improve the position of Islamic countries in the international system, increase security and welfare of these countries’ citizens and pave the way for unity and integration among these countries. The institute tries to combine the quantitative and qualitative education and provide practical results and outcomes. Recognizing components, factors and capacities of the 57 OIC member states and planning an approach to utilize these components for promoting unity and integrity of the Islamic Ummah and forming the Islamic world power bloc in the present century are among the most important missions of IIWFS.

mission statement

By a hopeful viewpoint and futuristic vision on the possibility of the integration of Muslim communities in the form of “united Ummah” and by illustrating the blessings of the formation of an “Islamic world power bloc” in 2061 horizon, IIWFS considers alternative futures of a certain time range, believing in the ability to make a future, and seeks to plan the preferable future of the Islamic world.

In accordance with its mission to introduce and promote the enabling teachings and patterns for the integrity and synergy among Muslim communities, and also confronting the distorted image of Islam and undermined capabilities of the Islamic world, IIWFS has applied the following strategies:

– Tries to create an awareness movement in the Islamic world in various levels of government, elites and the public

– Makes attempts to approximate the views and inter-subjectivity understanding among the Islamic world

– Endeavors to introduce the capabilities of the Islamic world


A. Content Generation: In order to produce accurate, up-to-date and valid contents on Islamic world issues and also to create basic content for future studies of the Islamic world, IIWFS has published several books;
B. Holding seminars, meetings and conferences;
C. Supporting the theses and dissertations related to the Islamic world studies;
D. Organizing visiting research fellow courses to train competent and qualified researchers on Islamic world studies;
E. Publishing the ideas of scholars and researchers in various fields related to the Muslim world in the form of op-eds and articles to raise awareness and an exchange of views and opinions on the IIWFS website;