Interview with Ms. Levallois in the first Internetional Conference on the Geopolitical Crises in the Islamic World

–    Hello Ms. Levallois and welcome to our conference. It is a great pleasure for us to have you here in our conference. As you know our conference is about geopolitical crises in the Middle east and in Islamic World. I want to ask you that in your opinion do ethnic and racial diversities in Islamic World considered as a threat or it is considered as an opportunity?
–    I think it is an opportunity and not the threat. I think that minorities and diversity is a good thing for each society because diversity is a very good thing to have negotiation, to think and have open minds and I think it is very useful for all societies to have some confrontation with different people. You can speak, you can exchange Ideas, so It is maybe a good thing. You should have such a diversity, if you always be with the same people, you cannot think a lot because you are always in the same universe.
–    How we use this diversity to make integrity in our region?
–    I know it is very difficult but I think you should try to achieve this goal. It is a very important goal to reach. I know it is very difficult but I think that in the globalization, it is very important to be able to listen to the others and it is the capacity of here about having different people. You have to speak a lot; you have to exchange a lot. Everyone has to understand the other one. And in this way I think it would be a real opportunity, if not everyone is going to respect other’s opinion and use them.
–    You know that about one hundred years has passed from Sykes Picot agreement and border issues are one of the most important geopolitical issues. Do you think that according to the presence of the Takfiri groups in this region and other major geopolitical issues here, is there the possibility that the countries be divided into more parts in the Middle East?
–    It is a real problem and issue. I do not think that Sykes Picot agreement is responsible of all problems in this region, there is another kind of problem in this region now. I think it is the problem of the evolution of the region and each society is looking at itself but there is some parties that want to change the borders.
I am very surprised that people in this region are very nationalist, they want to keep their borders and the Middle East to consist of little countries.
–    Do you think that it is possible for the countries of the region to put their borders away and think of a unified Islamic world?
–    Of course, the Islamic World must talk together to solve old problems and be powerful.
Of course they have to manage their unity in Islamic World and in the whole world. I think it is very important to have a real project of unity but that’s the case and the problem but I think the most important issue for the arab world and Islamic World is to challenge all that is happening in the world and it is the matter of globalization.
–    Do you think that Islamic world can become as a bloc of power in the world?
–    If there is the unity, maybe. Of course, but by thus unity they can have a same project, a unified project toward the world. So it would be of course the most important issue of the Islamic World.
–    Thank you very much.