Geopolitical Crises in Islamic World/ Seyed Ebrahim Amin/ Lebanese Scholar

Geopolitical Crises in Islamic World/ Seyed Ebrahim Amin/ Lebanese Scholar

Thank you for inviting me to this conference.

Today, Islamic and Arab countries are facing an unprecedented chaos and wars. Some countries together with their allies have started new aggression against our countries and our region; and are seeking to provide arms to terrorist and Takfiri groups as an alternative for direct occupation of region by US. Having failed in their different plans, they apply these measures in our region. Geopolitical risks which our region is facing with include:

         Increase and growth of Takfiri terrorist movements and their access to unlimited support of international and regional foreign forces and some Arab countries leaded by US, Israel, Turkey, UK, France and countries of the Persian Gulf region, especially Saudi Arabia.

         Trying to parse countries and dividing them into small areas.

         Targeting the countries supporting the Axis of Resistance.

         Giving green light to Zionist to implement all its plans to remove Palestinian issue.

The Takfiri terrorism is created by western countries headed by US, and some countries of the region such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and some Persian Gulf countries. They targeted countries like Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt and Libya as well as countries of North Africa. In this regard, it is necessary to provide some recommendations. We believe that due to the sensitivity of risks, threats and geostrategic threats against the country and the people of the region, dealing with these challenges requires complex and multi- strategic priorities, namely:

         Restoring the credibility to the Palestinian issue as the essence of confronting the arrogant and colonialist West, as well as comprehensive military, financial, cultural, commercial and social support of the Resistance forces and Palestinian people.

         The Axis of Resistance in Syria is making a decisive battle against the Takfiri terrorists and its regional and international leaders. This effort needs to mobilize all resources and endeavors to achieve victory in this war to neutralize possible violations against Syria’s role in supporting resistance movements, Liberation Forces and Palestinian issue.   

         Insisting on Islamic unity as the linchpin of the realm against enemy conspiracies.  

         Strengthening the cooperation between all international cultural and religious institutions and the media on the one hand, and elites and intellectuals on the other hands.

         Unveiling countries that supports terrorism by propaganda and providing money and arms to them.

At the end I must note that the terrorism in Iraq, Egypt and other countries must be defeated. Terrorism in Iraq soon will be defeated like what we did to terrorists and Takfiries in Lebanon.