Dr.safavi’s lecture in the seminar on Integration and Disintegration in the Islamic World

From our view points, integration or disintegration issue in the Islam world can be achievable. It means that decision-makers on these issues can work for reaching integration or focus on disintegration issues. Dr.safavi divided the crisis in terms of internal-external, conscious-unconscious and essential or non-essential. He also mentioned that crises like water crisis, border crisis, identity crisis, economic crisis, security crisis and population crisis are the ones which the Islam world is facing these days.

I believe if there was secular government instead of Islamic republic in Iran, again we can’t separate the Muslim issue apart from ourselves. Whether we accept there are Muslims or not, Muslim issue is with us and we will understand that all the Muslim issues are important for us in terms of national interests

Crisis in the Islamic world divided into two different groups with internal or external roots. Because Islam world has a lot of problems and challenges, which are general, for doing the exact consideration it’s better to split them

Water crisis is one of the crises of the Islamic countries and the role of water in our world can have the importance of oil and energy role till 2020  and 17 countries would have this crisis during 2010 and 2025. Border and territorial crisis is a crisis of Islamic countries and 45 countries in Islam world are included in border crisis

Economic crisis is another crisis of Middle East which should be considered. Security crisis, military crisis and population are the other problems of the Islam world

He also emphasized that most problems of the Islam world is resulted from unawareness. For example, Qatar believes that Iran is looking for territorial expansion which also include Qatar. But in reality it doesn’t exist.

73 percent of Islamic countries have the kingdom governments, which they do everything to survive themselves. There is no enlightenment for them that no dynasty and the kingdom remains forever. So they overthrow by revolutionaries or like some European countries to follow the king model such as Denmark which has kingdom system.

Finally we should mention that the problems and issues of Islam world can be solvable only if we divide them into details, then to provide suitable solutions for those detailed problems